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Tips for Buying Valentine’s Day Flowers

Tips for Buying Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day, the most popular day for flowers, is on its way. Like all florists, at Brenham Floral in Downtown Brenham Texas, we will be at our busiest, preparing and delivering all the floral arrangements for the most romantic day of the year.

To make sure your Valentine’s Day goes smoothly, we recommend ordering flowers early. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure you have the best Valentine’s Day possible!

Buying Valentine’s flowers for that special someone can be a challenging task… but it doesn’t have to be.  Shop Valentine's Day now.

Here are our tips to making this next Valentine's Day your best day!

Tip #1: Order Early! Order Early! Order Early!

Probably one of the worst feelings in the world is trying to order flowers for your special someone for Valentine’s Day, only to find out that your florist isn't taking any more deliveries or has run out. At Brenham Floral, we strive to order more than enough but we typically have to cut off deliveries on the day of by mid-morning. Be the early bird and schedule your delivery as soon as possible. 

It’s never too early to order flowers for Valentine’s Day!

Order early, so as the big day gets closer and closer all you feel is confident about being way ahead of the game. It’s okay, you deserve it! 

Pro Tip: Ordering early also helps ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. 

Ordering your flowers early will give your local florist enough time to secure the blooms you want. We keep orchids, peonies, and other special flowers available in small amounts. You definitely don’t want to miss out on having your sweetheart’s fav flowers in their arrangement.

Give yourself some peace of mind and the freedom to focus on planning out the rest of your evening without distraction or fear of showing up flower-less on Valentine’s Day. 

Shop Valentine's Day now.

Tip #2: Shop Smart, Shop Local

No one wants to over-pay for flowers; better yet, no one wants to overpay for flowers and then not get their money’s worth…right!?

When you call Ava's Flowers, BloomNet or 1-800-Flowers, you're getting what we call "order takers". Someone in a warehouse in New Jersey or Los Angeles will take your order, mark it up, then call us to fulfill it. It's easier and more reliable to call directly (979-836-3566) or order online at  to ensure your blooms are the best price!

Ordering from a local florist is the best way to make sure you get what you ordered (and what you paid for). #shoplocal

Valentine's Day Flowers and Chocolates at Brenham Floral

Tip #3: Choose Flowers Your Special Someone Will Love

Classic dozen roses is always a good bet but what if your special someone doesn't like roses? 

Don't be afraid to choose the flowers you want. Don't see the arrangement from our list? Choose a Valentine's Day Designer Choice and describe in the notes section of our online ordering. Or give us a ring at 979-836-3566 and work with our team to get the perfect bouquet. 

Choosing flowers your sweetheart will be able to enjoy for as long as possible is key. 

Just to name a few: 

RosesClassic Valentine’s Day blooms

Carnations and Mums: Super hardy, so many colors, and beautiful to match

Tulips: Something a little different for the floral lover in your life

Tip #4: Make it a Night Out in Style

Brenham Floral has paired with The Southern Folly for a dinner, wine, and floral bundle date night. 

Enjoy a night out with your Sweetheart by dining at The Southern Folly in Brenham, Texas. We're offering our Sweetheart dinner package several nights before, on, and after Valentine's Day. *price includes dinner for 2, dessert, wine pairings for each course, and a bud vase.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Brenham, The Southern Folly is a dining experience and event venue that boasts a unique blend of flavors and textures, housed in a historic music hall. With its edgy, elegant, fun, and eclectic ambiance, it offers the perfect backdrop for a memorable Valentine's Day celebration. 

As the evening unfolds, attendees will be treated to live entertainment, adding to the celebratory atmosphere. 

Whether you're a local resident or visiting Brenham for the holiday, these Valentine's Day events are poised to be a highlight of the season, offering an evening of fine dining, superb entertainment, and joyful celebration in a setting that epitomizes Southern hospitality and elegance.

Tip #5: Plushies and Cupcakes are Great Valentine's Day Gifts Too!

Our Valentine's Day gift baskets are a lovely option if you're looking to show someone special you're thinking of them on Feb. 14, 2024.

Whether that someone special has a sweet tooth, or you just want to send a surprise care package to a faraway family member, our Valentine's gift baskets are packed with gourmet treats they'll enjoy. 

Brenham Floral Company looks forward to helping you celebrate this special day! Shop Valentine's Day now.

Consider ordering flower arrangements or gifts for your loved ones throughout the year. Not only will your special someone receive a lovely surprise, but you’ll help take some of the load off during the busy holiday season.

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